System Carrier

Winner Aluminium

Dimension (L x W x H): 438 mm x 155 mm x 105 mm

Weight: 545 gram

Alloy: Al Si 12 Cu1(Fe)

Visible component for car interior; 2 digital screens, tachometer analog; many clip connections; tight tolerances.
Thin wall; dimensionally stable; surface requirements for visible areas, bonding area, electronic contact areas; internal porosity due to strength requirements on studs; technical cleanliness and absence of burrs on vents and clip areas; part weight (penalties per gram exceeded).
Material was changed to aluminum within the customer project phase. Design changes were permitted to a minor extent, due to specified design and installation space.

Design, casting and molding requirements:
The goal was a robust die casting design. Limited gating options; filigree apertures fanning out the material flow, risk of miscasting and cold flow in the visible area and functional area; many thin and long punches required; punchable ventilation slots; optimization only possible to a limited extent, design, installation space and weight were already specified, EMC requirement and cooling by fan had already been validated.

Reasons for manufacturing in die casting:
Component was designed for injection molding. In the course of the customer project phase, it was determined that the stiffness was too low (possible screen flicker when driving, for example, with bumps/impact holes). For this reason, it was necessary to switch to a stiffer / stronger material.