Case 3498 & 3D printed pattern

Winner Aluminium

Dimension (L x W x H): 94 mm x 92 mm x 92 mm

Weight: 450 gram

Alloy: Al Si 12 (230)

Miniature motors for signal acquisition are later mounted in the four holes located on the 46 mm long side. The later mounted housing must meet IP56 tightness.

Design, casting and molding requirements:
Ensure that the large cylinder and the bores "leak" without errors, due to the technical requirements (for more details, see the next point).

Reasons for manufacturing in die casting:
In order to ensure freedom from surface or structural defects, the heat balance of the mold must be optimal in addition to the pure casting parameters. This would not be possible with conventional methods (classical tempering of the mold core). By using an additively manufactured mold core in the 3D printing process, the casting quality could be improved. In addition, the heat consumption of the mold was reduced and the cycle time shortened.