Clamp plate

Winner Zinc

Dimension (L x W x H): 200 mm x 145 mm x 32 mm

Weight: 705 gram

Alloy: Z410

By switching to a die-cast part, it was possible to substitute five milled parts and significantly reduce the assembly effort. The large surface area and the tight manufacturing tolerances with machining on five sides posed a high challenge to the casting quality.
The component is used to hold a sensor with the associated electronics.

Design, casting and molding requirements:
The high demands on the flatness of the component with a structurally different component geometry posed great challenges for the mold design and the temperature control design. With the aim of reducing mechanical processing to a minimum, a mold design as close to the final contour as possible was implemented.
The casting challenge of the component lies in the temperature control of the die casting mold and the optimum casting parameter selection for ideal flatness.

Reasons for manufacturing in die casting:
By switching to a die-cast part, five milled parts could be substituted and the assembly effort significantly reduced. The zinc die casting design was chosen in order to cast a component with as close a final contour as possible, thus minimizing subsequent machining.